$828,000 | Cardamon Lane, Fullerton



This is a home that could never sell in a traditional manner. The wife did not want to move even though they needed to. The thought of moving was so difficult on her that should could not even talk about it. She had no interest in having her home on the market for months and months and would never have let people into the house anyway. This family still needed to get absolute maximum market value for their home because they had a large mortgage that needed to be paid off. The wife left for one day while we did our photographs, home inspection and termite inspections. She left again on the day of the sale. We had more than 900 people show up on the day of the sale and received over 180 offers. During the One Day Sale the top real estate agent in Irvine stopped by and made her prediction that the home would sell for no more than $825,000. We ended up selling the house for $935,000 The sellers were thrilled. (The husband anyway). They are all now living happily in their new home in another state.


$610,000 | Carmel Street, Laguna Hills


The owners of this home had put a deposit down on their retirement dream home overlooking the ocean in San Diego but were at risk of losing it if they could not sell their home fast and for the highest dollar possible. We talked to the Realtor in San Diego and told her that we would be getting Top Dollar in One Day she seemed a bit skeptical in spite of our confidence. We had approximately 400 people show up at the One Day Sale and got a price that was $8000 more than any other similar model in this tract had seen in years. They are now living happily in San Diego enjoying their beautiful ocean view. Since the sale the Realtor in San Diego has referred several other homes for us to sell and has become a huge advocate of our system. A few months later the buyer for 2926 Cardamon referred us to another nearby home owner. He basically told the neighbor not to call his real estate agent but to call us instead because he paid top dollar for his home and they needed to do the One Day Sale. We ended up selling the neighbors house in One Day for $1,200,000. Their home was the biggest model in the tract and that’s why the price was so much higher.. As an interesting side note, the market took a major drop right after selling the 1.2 million dollar home and if they had sold in the traditional manner it would have cost them a minimum of $100,000 chasing the market down. They are now building their dream home in Northern California.


$475,000 | Casa Blanca Drive, Fullerton


The owner had this home listed with another real estate company for awhile before he became frustrated with low interest from buyers, no offers and the hassle of keeping his house clean and ready all the time. He canceled his agreement with the real estate company and contacted us. The owner was under a lot of pressure with his own wedding coming up, a house he was trying to buy and a big trip he was going on. He wanted the sale of his house done quickly but without compromising selling price. We handled our sale in the normal manner and had approximately 350 people show up with over 50 offers and we sold the home in One Day for the top market value. The home closed and the week after he moved out he got married, they purchased their new home and they left for their long trip. This client practically became an evangelist for the One Day Sale telling anyone who would listen that this is the only way to sell a home.


$350,000 | W. Gage Ave, Fullerton



Even with our team of dedicated specialists we were a little concerned about taking on this home. Two other real estate companies had refused to list this home because this was going to be a major project. One of the bathrooms had been demolished due to toxic mold and never put back together because this home was also facing a foreclosure and the owners were not interested in putting another dime into this property. This home clearly needed to get top dollar for the bank, the family had a new baby so they were not comfortable with people coming over interrupting their privacy for months and months. The mere mention of toxic mold would sent most buyers running for the hills and getting a bank to loan on this home was going to be a major challenge without the functioning bathroom. On top of all this, dozens of hours would need to be spent communicating with the bank to negotiate the short sale. Over 400 people show up for the One Day Sale, we made reports available for the buyers to review, everything was fully disclosed up front and we still had over 100 offers on the home that day. We found a buyer who was undeterred by the missing bathroom or fact that there had been mold. We found a special home rehabilitation loan for the buyer that gave extra money to repair the bathroom and then spent dozens of hours negotiating the short sale with the bank. No single real estate agent could have pulled this off without an anurisim. Because we work as a team, each with specialized skills who handle different aspects of the home sale process no one person in our group became frustrated with the long and difficult project that we had taken on. The sellers are now happily living in a rental home, their business has taken off since the sale and they will most likely be back purchasing another home for their family in the next few years.


$530,000 | Meadowgrass, Irvine


Here was a family facing foreclosure with a small child and two pets. The husband was working double overtime to keep things afloat and the wife was looking for a job and watching after their one year old. The last thing they needed was the constant interruption of home buyers and the hassle of keeping the house clean and ready to show at all times. There is a misunderstanding in the marketplace that short sales can sell for less than top market value but in most cases the sellers need to get top dollar to reduce their risk of taxable consequences and recourse from the bank. The bank also needs to recapture every dime possible from the house. Short Sales are never an easy task. Banks are difficult to deal with, there are layers and layers of red tape and they are overwhelmed and understaffed so getting anything negotiated can be difficult. Even though we sell a home in One Day it can take months and months to get an approval from the bank for a short sale. We had approximately 500 people show up for the sale with over 180 offers. We found a cash buyer at the highest price possible who took the home “As Is” because the bank wasn’t willing to make repairs. The buyer was in the construction industry and had no problem with the items on the home inspection we provided. We negotiated with the bank for a few months, the buyer waited patiently and even gave the sellers extra time in the house for free while they moved into their new rental home. We made a difficult situation as pleasant as possible for the family and their life had only been interrupted with buyers for One Day.