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With the introduction of the internet into the home buying process, everything had changed about the way home buyers find and buy a home. These changes happened almost overnight. Since their introduction, they have rendered much of the traditional marketing methods ineffective. Unfortunately, most people haven’t realized this yet.

The Change: Home buyers, who had always relied on the knowledgeable real estate professional to understand the differences between homes and make recommendations, have suddenly been given access to complete information about every home for sale the day they come on the market. Home buyers now have access to photographs, satellite views from multiple angles, descriptions about the homes, advanced mapping capabilities, reports about the neighborhoods, schools, and more. This information overload has forced home buyers unfamiliar with this information to look for reasons to delete homes instead of reasons to go see them.
From the buyers perspective this actually makes perfect sense. Faced with hundreds of homes for sale and no experience dealing with them in such numbers, or the time to see them all, home buyers have had to find some way to process this information.

Deleting homes is easy, seeing them is hard. Deleting takes a single push of a button where the process of seeing a home is much more involved. The reality is one blurry photo or some other piece of inaccurate or irrelevant information and the home will be deleted.

The One Day Home Selling System was created systematically reworking every controllable piece of information to give the buyers reasons to come see the home instead of reasons to delete.
By removing reasons to delete and replacing them with many reasons to show up, a One Day Home Sale can attract hundreds of buyers.  The system is designed specifically attract the real buyers at the highest market value, reach them multiple times leading up to the One Day Sale, compel them to show up for the sale and then the system ensures that they will pay top market value for it or more.

The One Day Home Selling System is not an auction with an auctioneer or anything even close to this. It is a completely transparent process and it is all explained clearly on the one page form that buyers use to make an offer on the house.

The One Day Home Selling is the answer to the marketing methods of the past that have now become irrelevant and the results speak for themselves. Homes that could not sell using traditional methods are now SOLD in One Day for Top Dollar.  One Day Sales have been attended by up to 900 people at a single One Day Sale and some have netted more than 180 offers in a single day. Homes will often sell for much more than even top “area specialists” predict and sellers are now enjoying the process of selling their homes instead of dreading it.

The secret is the systems Trademarked ability to deliver all real buyers to your home under any market conditions, on the same day, and create a competitive market for your home by compressing the buying market into one day. The System allows every real buyer the chance to emotionally connect to your house in an open, easy, pressure free atmosphere on the day of the sale followed by the opportunity to compete for the home at the highest market price.

The real buyers will know the difference between the home being sold and every other home for sale competing directly against it. The real buyers will have already seen most of the other competing homes at the highest market value, they may have even made offers and lost out on some of them. They will know exactly what the top market value is for the home and they will gladly pay it. The real buyers will always exceed the maximum price they had hoped to pay for their home when the right one comes along and the One Day Home Selling System makes sure that any real buyer has the chance to pay their absolute maximum for the house.

The “newness” factor: Buyers love a new home on the market and that’s why the first few days on the market are the most critical. The One Day Home Selling System takes maximum advantage of the “newness” factor of your home because the best time to make an impact on the buying market are the precious first few days that a home is up For Sale. During this time the home is marketed heavily and exposed multiple times to every real buyer to build anticipation for the One Day Sale. Real buyers for your home will know about your home and do whatever it takes to be there for the One Day Sale.

There are many reasons to sell your home with the One Day Home Selling System here are a few of the top reasons to use The One Day Home Selling System to sell your home instead of the traditional methods of home selling:

Get Top Dollar in One Day. Probably the best reason to use the One Day Home Selling System to sell your home is that you will sell your home for top dollar and it will only be open for One Day. The System will deliver the entire home buying market to your home on the same day, this could be dozens or even hundreds of home buyers. The System will ensure that any real buyer at the highest market value will place an offer on the home and then compete to pay top dollar for it.
The Home Is Only Open for One Day. Why go through the hassle of sitting on the market for months, giving up your privacy and freedom when the entire marketing period of your home can now be compressed into a single Saturday or Sunday, and still get the highest value for your home? After the sale is done, the doors are locked and your life returns to normal. No more abandoning your home every weekend for open houses, no more picking up the house every morning before you leave for work, no more interruptions during dinner or family time. The One Day Home Selling System means that your home is only open and shown to home buyers for One Day.

No Obligation to sell your home. There is no obligation to ever sell your home to anyone at any price with the One Day Home Selling System.
100% Cancellation Guarantee. It’s written right into the agreement to sell your home that the seller has a 100% Cancellation Guarantee and they can cancel anytime without penalty. This ensures that if you change your mind about selling or do not like the results of the sale you can simply cancel without any penalty or hassle.
Capture All Your Equity. Every real buyer will have been exposed to your house multiple times, they will show up for the sale and they will complete to pay top dollar your house. The system ensures that you capture every dime of equity remaining in your house.
Pick your buyer. The best buyer for your home depends on your specific situation. If you need more time to find your next home, or if you need to sell your home quickly, or sell your home “As Is”, you will have the opportunity to pick from multiple buyers for your house and find the best one for your situation.
It’s easy on kids, pets and the family. Selling a home can be difficult on your family. If you have kids or pets this only adds to the level of difficulty. The One Day Home Selling System means that pets and kids are out of the house for just One Day. This also means you will not need to give up your weekends to open houses or your privacy to the world. You will not need to deal with interruptions during dinner. If you have sensitive documents or valuables you will only need to have them put away for just One Day. With the One Day Home Selling System your life is interrupted for just One Day.
Easy on tenants. If you rent out rooms in your home, or if you have an income property that you are selling, the tenants’ privacy will only need to be interrupted for one day. On that day, the buying market will have the opportunity to see inside the tenant occupied living space, something that is extremely difficult under normal selling circumstances.
No Signs. We almost never need For Sale or Open House Signs and most home sellers would rather not attract unwanted attention from nosey neighbors or family and friends. Even though One Day Sales can routinely attract between 100-400 people, it is all done without signs.
Better qualified buyers. Because there are no Open House signs this means that buyers showing up are much more qualified than at traditional open houses. Traditional open houses are designed to attract anyone and everyone. The buyers who show up to a One Day Sale will have seen photos of your home, they will know the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage of the home. They will have researched your home in advance, mapped it out using the internet or GPS and made it an important destination. The One Day Home Selling System only attracts buyers for a home like yours.
Avoid Chasing Down The Market. If the market is declining, chasing it down will be a very costly mistake. When homes are losing value every day it makes sense to get the home sold as quickly as possible before the market takes more equity away. The One Day Home Selling System gets top dollar on the day of the sale, allowing you to put a stop-loss on your equity and capture every dime remaining.
Your home only needs to show well for One Day. It is almost impossible to keep your home in perfect show condition for months during a traditional marketing approach. The One Day Home Selling System allows you to perfectly stage your home as best you can so every buyer has the same top experience of your home. Traditionally every buyer gets a different experience of the home depending on how the home looks or if the sellers are home or the lights are turned on. Every buyer is basing their decision from a different point of view.  The One Day Sale ensures that every buyer has the same high level experience of the home and sees it in its best light.
One day Sale Tip: If there areas of clutter in your house or large gatherings of collectibles or personal items on dressers or counters, it is easy to get these areas “show” ready for a One Day Sale. Pick up some medium size boxes. Put all the clutter from each area into a box and put them in the garage for the day of the sale. After the sale is done, open each box and put your valuables right back where you had them. This way your home shows perfectly for the day of the sale and your life is back to normal within hours.
Sell your home “As Is”. We always recommend a pre-sale Home Inspection so that we are aware of potential problems before the buyers are. This gives us the opportunity to disclose them as part of the sale so we can truly sell the home “As Is”. The reality is that buyers aren’t concerned about the little things that are wrong with the house if they are brought up as part of the initial negotiations, especially when there are other buyers who also want the home. At this time there is a lot of pressure on the buyer to be flexible. However, once the buyer has taken the home off the market and all the pressure is off they suddenly begin to care about the smallest little deficiency. It follows then that the highest negotiating position that a home seller will be in is during the negotiations with one or more buyers who are competing for the home.  By including the home inspection as part of your counter offer and stating the home is sold “As Is” while disclosing exactly what “As Is” means, most of the problems that could come up later are solved before they ever become an issue.
There is a small up-front cost for the home inspection (app. $350 for a 2000 sq ft house), and it is not required, but nothing has saved our home sellers more money and hassle than getting this inspection in advance and including it as part of the initial negotiations to sell the home “As Is”.
Less Chance of Falling Out of Escrow. The One Day Home Selling System by its very nature always has one or more back up buyers for each home. If one buyer cancels out of the transaction or cannot qualify for the home we usually know within a few days and have the unique opportunity of contacting the next closest back up buyers for your house. This means almost no time lost on your house.  In traditional home selling methods when your buyer backs out or your home falls out of escrow it is a huge problem. This can mean weeks of lost marketing time and the need to put your house back on the market again. By this time you may have started packing and the home may not show as well any more. The market could have changed and the home may have lost value. All kinds of bad things happen when homes fall out of escrow and while this is very common in traditional home sales it is rare with the One Day Home Selling System.

Homes with Equity. If you have equity in your home then the One Day Home Selling System will ensure that you capture every dime of it by bringing every real buyer to your house on the same day and obtaining top dollar for it before the market can take any more of your equity away.

Short Sales. These days, many people are short selling homes. In most cases, short sales also need to get top dollar to reduce the likelihood of legal or taxable consequences while increasing the likelihood the bank will accept the offer. Short selling a home is stressful enough without having to deal with strangers showing up during dinner or bedtime and having to abandon your home on weekends for open houses. The One Day Home Selling System only has one open house and the marketing process is complete. There are no signs so nosey neighbors will not even know what happened till the day of the sale.  After the One Day Sale we will negotiate behind the scenes for weeks or months to get the sale completed. Short selling a home could be a lengthy process, but most of it will happen behind the scenes so your life will be barely interrupted. There is also no cost when you Short Sale a house and our dedicated bank negotiator will be negotiating to remove or reduce the legal or taxable consequences as much as possible. (Always consult with an attorney and CPA before deciding to Short Sale a home).

Expired Listings.  Many of the homes that have been sold with the One Day Home Selling System first sat on the market for months and months without a single offer before they were finally re-listed and then Sold for Top Dollar in One Day with the One Day Home Selling System. The One Day Home Selling System should always be thought of as the “First Way” to sell a home and not the last. However, the One Day Home Selling System still gets Top Dollar in One Day, even if a home has been on the market for an extended period of time.

Tenant Occupied Properties. (Single Family Homes, condos, or multi-unit properties) The One Day Sale is, by its very nature perfect for tenant occupied properties. In most cases tenants will not be excited about the prospect of selling their home. The owner, concerned about vacancies in the marketing period, will rarely go out of their way to make it easy to show the home for fear of losing income. Often, by offering the tenants a small monetary enticement to allow the One Day Sale, it suddenly becomes possible to get several hundred home buyers inside the property with very little disruption to the tenants’ lives. In almost every case, you will have a better result with the One Day Home Selling System than with any other method of selling a tenant occupied property.

People with kids, pets, or… a life. Selling a home has traditionally been a lengthy, invasive and difficult process. If you have kids or pets, the difficulty just increases. It always seems that the most convenient time for home buyers is the most inconvenient time for you. Besides being forced to vacate your home and find something to do every weekend during the open houses, buyers tend to show up when you’re cooking dinner, when you’re eating dinner, cleaning up after dinner, or when it’s time to help the kids with homework or get ready for bed. The One Day Home Selling System compresses all of this inconvenience into just one Saturday or Sunday from 11am-4pm aside from that your family life remains your own.

Pets can be an added challenge.  Pets are almost as unpredictable as kids but usually more frightening to a home buyer. Pets can run away, they can bite, they can bark during a showing and ruin the experience for a home buyer. Pet paraphernalia and feeding dishes are unsightly during showings and some buyers may have allergies to pets. The home selling experience overall can be very stressful on your pets as well.  Because the One Day Home Selling System only takes One Day, the pets and kids and all the stuff that comes along with them can be put away for the day of the sale.  After that, your life returns to normal.

Special Circumstances. Life throws all kinds of stuff at you; Death, illness, divorce, financial problems, relocations and a host of other unpleasant circumstances happen as a normal part of life. These are difficult enough already without the added stress of selling a home. The last thing anyone needs during extreme circumstances are the constant interruptions of home buyers when you least expect them. An elderly, widowed parent concerned about safety and unplanned interruptions is an ideal candidate for The One Day Sale. The One Day Home Selling System means the house is only open for One Day. It is the fastest, least invasive way to get your home sold for top dollar without inviting the world in on your private circumstances.

Is it right for you? The One Day Home Selling System may or may not be right for you but everyone should look at this BEFORE they list their home For Sale because it really is the safest, most effective way to sell a home and get top dollar for it.

So far the One Day Home Selling System has been used successfully on homes with values up to Two Million dollars and every price below that. The One Day Home Selling System works exactly the same regardless of the price of the home. It will probably work on homes in the multi-million dollar range but has yet to be tested on these.

Our company, The Real Estate Xperts, created the One Day Home Selling System in 2009. As far as we know, we are the only ones who understand how to do it. Others have tried, but it is a tremendous amount of work, much more than traditional home selling methods, and takes a team of people to execute properly. If it isn’t done correctly, the results will be compromised.

We have used this system extensively since developing it and have a dedicated team of five (or more) people who work on every One Day Sale plus photographers, inspectors and support staff. After so much experience with this system it is clear to us that no single agent, or even small team of agents, could effectively hold a One Day Sale. After completing more than 80 sales as of November 2010 we have learned what to do (and more importantly what NOT to do) so you can be assured that we will not be learning at your expense. We are convinced now more than ever that there is no better way to sell a home.

There is no additional cost to sell your house with the One Day Home Selling System but there is so much more value when using this method to sell your home.
Family time and privacy  These are two of the most important reasons for home ownership in the first place. In traditional methods of selling you will be giving up much of your freedom, undisturbed family time, and privacy during the time that your home is on the market. With the One Day Home Selling System your home will only be open for One Day. Your life, your freedom, privacy and family time will only be interrupted for One Day.
Avoid the cost of Chasing Down the Market If the market is declining, even if homes are losing only 1% per month, which is actually a conservative figure in a declining market, a $500,000 home will lose about $5000 in value per month. Most home sellers do not like to reduce their asking price and even if they lower it $5000 each month they will only be staying even with the drop in market value and the home will never sell. Sitting on the market even four months could easily cost you $20,000, or more.  The One Day Home Sale drives the entire home buying market to your home on the same day, ensuring you get Top Dollar without the cost of chasing down the market.
Easier on Pets Selling a home can be extremely stressful on your pets. The One Day Home Selling System means that your pets are only away from the home for One Day making this the easiest way to sell if you have pets. Pets also make home buyers uncomfortable and there are safety issues when pets and strangers meet. All the stress of selling homes and pets are eliminated with The One Day Home Selling System.
Total Exposure It can be almost impossible to get even one home buyer motivated enough to come out and see a home using traditional methods of selling but the One Day Home Selling System ensures that hundreds of potential buyers have the opportunity to see your home and pay top dollar for it. This way you’ll know that your home has been exposed to the entire home buying market and they will all have had the opportunity to make an offer on your home. The bottom line is that you can’t sell a home if nobody sees it but the chances of selling it dramatically increase when you have dozens or even hundreds of buyers seeing the home, especially when they see all the other interested buyers at the same time. The message is clear. This home will sell today and if I want to buy it I had better make a good offer on it.
People are shocked when we tell them that we don’t charge any more for the One Day Home Selling System but we believe in adding value without adding any more cost whenever possible. If a home is going to be a Short Sale then there will be ZERO cost to the seller because the bank pays all the costs associated with selling the home.
While we have been told many times that we could or should charge more for the One Day Home Selling System, we have never done it. We know that the value is there and hopefully exceeds the fee required. It has been our decision to keep our fee consistent because while providing added value has always been important, these days it’s even more so.

We realize that when people first hear the concept of selling a house in One Day and getting Top Dollar it sounds crazy, even impossible and probably too good to be true. But what if it isn’t?
Most people seem to think they have to suffer for months and months in order to feel like they have gotten the complete home selling experience. We are hoping to change that line of thinking.
What if it really works? What if we can really sell your home in One Day and get top dollar for it? We have done it consistently almost every weekend since early 2009 and we’ve gotten top dollar every time.

One Day Sales take a tremendous amount time, energy and even money every time we do one. If it didn’t work we would not continue to do it. The simple fact is that it does work and  the results are always the same: Top Dollar is achieved from the One Day Sale.

What have you got to lose? We pay for professional photography of your home, there is no obligation to sell your home, and you can cancel our listing agreement anytime without cost if you decide not to sell your house.

Even if it doesn’t work for you, which means you don’t get the price you want or need for your house, then you’ve still lost almost no marketing time and you can cancel our agreement right there on the spot. Several of our clients have done just this. A word of caution though; top dollar is top dollar. In every case where a home seller decided to cancel their agreement and list their home with some other real estate company hoping to get more money, the result has been the same. Not one of them has sold their home for more than we were able to achieve at the One Day Sale. In most cases they got less, much less, and it took them months to get it.  Of course we will support you in your decision if this is the path you choose, but we have seen it a few times now and the outcome has always been the same. The One Day System gets the absolute maximum dollar for every home we sell.

Contact our company by either calling our office line (714-451-6752) or clicking the “request more information” button here. We will schedule a time to meet you at your home and answer any questions you may have. If you decide to go forward we will set a date to sell your house based on our availability and your schedule. We are often booked up several weeks in advance so it is important to get your Sale date scheduled as soon as possible. One Day Sales are only done on Saturdays and Sundays (not on Holidays) and we need approximately three weeks of lead time to prepare for your One Day Sale.

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